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MediRam takes great pride to give you an experienced, cost effective, quality parts resource to your Imaging Diagnostic Equipment.


Today, every hospital, imaging center and Service Company is faced with the same situation: the delivery of equipment and after sale services have to be more efficient, more profitable. To meet these demands, the need for the most cost effective solution is growing, while healthcare and service budgets are tighter than ever.

Our Company:

With more than 25 years experience in the medical field, MediRam leads the way in providing the most cost effective spare parts solutions. The benefits of MediRam’s solutions becomes more obvious every day. We offer tailor-made spare parts solutions on the highest standards and reliability at excellent price/quality ratio.

Our warehouses and offices located in France and in Israel for efficient and quick global support.

Dedication to excellence is the driving force that energizes us all at MediRam! 

Our Customers:

Our abilities and experience know no geographic limits; we serve many of public, private Hospitals and imaging diagnostics centers worldwide as well as service companies, parts sourcing organization and multi-vendor service organization. We work closely and dedicate to our customers to give them excellent service. Customers choose MediRam not only for their quality but also for time saving and cost saving.

We give you the best solution no matter is you language, location and local time!

Our Goal:

In this time of uncertain economic situation around the globe MediRam takes the mission to be your first partner to meet your demands efficiently and in the most cost effective manner.
The initial consultation and ongoing support provided by us will be instrumental in contributing to the success of your hospital, diagnostic center and service company Worldwide!!!

We build trust for long term relationship !
Mediram - Quality Medical Imaging Equipment Spare Parts
For any thing you need for your imaging diagnostics equipment ,our team of expert will be able to assist you and provide you the quickest and best solution.
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